The Average Joe Biden Supporter

If you believe that complex issues require dementia with a touch of pedophilia, you may be the prototypical Biden supporter. In this brief overview, we will be going over what the average Biden supporter is like and how they spend their quite unique days.


  • Age: 10-24
  • Occupation: Unemployed due to a lack of work ethic.
  • Education: No fact-based knowledge. Primary forms of education are social media trends and fake news stories.
  • Favorite activity: Barking at people who don’t share identical opinions.
  • Greatest fear: Freedom.
  • Shower frequency: Once a week. CNN reported Trump showers every day and that’s what makes him fascist.
  • Believes in brushing teeth: No, Trump told them to.
  • Life worth: None

Daily Life

The average day of a Biden supporter may start shockingly similar to the day of an average American. While most Biden supporters do not have the intellectual ability to complete complex tasks, they are still capable of some basic ones. One example of this is setting an alarm to wake up. Even these creatures know that the only way they won’t miss their CNN morning briefing is if they properly set an alarm at night before going to bed. Where Biden supporters differ from Americans is their choice in alarm. Americans generally favor a ring or beeping sound while Biden’s cultists prefer the classical Nancy Pelosi “Good morning, Sunday morning.” tone.

Once the alarm is turned off all semblance is gone when it comes to the life of an American and of a Biden supporter. After making themselves food and brushing their teeth, Americans have to fufill their obligation to go to work and provide for their families. This is NOT how the average Biden cultist thinks. It is estimated that 92% of these pedophiles do not have a job outside of worshipping Democrats. The 8% that aren’t unemployed work in child care facilities and schools to help Biden source new and fresh talent to get a whiff of.

Many of you may be wondering, what does a typical Biden bum do for so many hours with no job or friends? They protest their freedoms. After generations of humans fighting for their rights and freedoms, Biden supporters think it is time the people make a stand and fight to lose our rights. In a way it makes too much sense – Trump’s economy has been historic and everyone in our country is doing better than ever… that’s no fun. We need a system where we get our cheeks spread by China and other countries to allow daddy Biden to continue enriching himself on the backs of our country.

While these animals are truly sick we must recognize the mental illnesses they suffer with to understand what is wrong with them. It is estimated that 96% of Biden worshippers suffer from TDS and 71% of them have at least 4 other mental diseases. The best way we can deal with this issue is by getting them the mental help they need and educating each one about politics.