Proud Boy Herald

Welcome To The Proud Boy Herald

Proud Boy Herald is a new alt-right news and entertainment site dedicated to humiliating the commie cucks and Antifa simps. These betas are in need of retaliation for their ongoing violence against our country. One way we can do that is by exposing them and making fun of the severe mental diseases they suffer from.

If anyone wants to participate by sending memes or any other type of content you see fit go ahead. Posts are meant to be taken as a joke on this site. I just said that for legal reasons, we’re still more reliable than the ClintonNewsNetwork. And we have no bias. No bias what-so-ever. That was a joke fuck you democrats.

We would appreciate anyone who shares our site with friends or checks back from time to time. All of our content will be original and random shit with a mix of reactions to real news and politics.

And one more thing… MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #Trump2021