There Is A Major Diversity Issue Plaguing The NBA

Apples are red. The sky is blue. The NBA has a major diversity problem. Also, liberals will have brown diapers after reading this. Get over it.

I know the truth may shock many but a recent analysis from Proud Boy Herald has concluded that there are more African American’s currently in the NBA than there are white players. But it doesn’t stop there – the study also finds that there has been a pattern of this inequality for 50 years. As we all know, in this evolving and progressing world, we must always look to make things fair.

The Major Flag

While there is undeniable evidence of anti-white prejudice on NBA teams, one aspect makes it especially criminal. Out of the last 40 dunk contests, only 0 white players have been crowned champion.

This is one of the most extreme cases of racism in modern-day sports and a sad reminder of the issues our country still faces today. From here on out we are demanding that a white player must receive the trophy each year until we have reached full equality. As we know, it is essential to go back in time and get upset about those things.


Our solution is quite simple. Each NBA roster must be compromised of 14 players, 7 white and 7 black. The league must do an entire re-draft of every player and teams must alternate between skin colors while selecting in the draft. A coin will be flipped to determine which skin color gets the first pick in the draft.

These new rules would create a situation where players of all races could feel respected and equally represented. These rules would also apply to all-star selections and dunk contests.

This new system would eliminate the systematic racism plaguing the NBA and allows for a higher quality product.

Some opponents to this idea believe it is unfair, even to go as far as saying “They earned it and are the best athletes in the world”. This idea is offensive and bigoted since it doesn’t allow everyone to be even in the end. Just because some people are less athletic doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to play in the NBA.

The world needs true equality for all. So let’s start making it that way by ending this blatant oppression by the NBA.